Chocolate Shoppe Premium
Hand-Dipped Ice Cream

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream has been crafted in Madison, Wisconsin, with real cane sugar, Wisconsin milk and the best ingredients they can find since 1962.

The following flavors are in our current rotation.
All flavors may not be available every day.

Banana Cream Pie
Your favorite comfort food now on a cone! Banana ice cream churned with a marshmallow ripple and real Nilla Wafers.
Black Cherry Oat Cream (dairy-free)
Delectably sweet black cherry non-dairy frozen dessert bursting with whole black cherries.
Blueberry Cheesecake
Delectably smooth cheesecake ice cream topped off with a tangy blueberry ripple and soft cheesecake chunks.
Brownie Cascade
Classic, creamy chocolate ice cream exploding with brownie pieces, caramel cups and a sweet fudge ripple.
Cappuccino Break
Crisp coffee-infused ice cream churned with chocolate-covered toffee and candy-coated almonds.
Cherry Chocolate Chip
Sweet vanilla ice cream loaded with big, red cherries and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips.
Cotton Candy Twist
Blue and pink cotton candy ice creams spun together for that whimsical carnival sensation!
Heaps of Love
Anything and everything you can want! Oreos, brownies, cookie dough, pecans, caramel and chocolate ripples all packed into vanilla ice cream.
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Irresistibly smooth cheesecake ice cream mixed with a sweet raspberry ripple, Oreo cookies and soft chocolate chunks.
Lemon Meringue
Fresh lemon and fluffy marshmallow ice creams swirled together with a tart lemon ripple, available for a limited time only.
Mint Avalanche
A mint lover’s paradise! Fresh mint ice cream loaded with Andes® Candies and Grasshopper® cookies spun off with a chocolate fudge swirl.
Old Fashioned Vanilla
An award-winning and all-natural classic vanilla ice cream made with Wisconsin cream, cane sugar and pure vanilla.
Orange Sherbet
Refreshing sherbet bursting with orange flavor.
PB Hearts Chocolate®
Creamy peanut butter ice cream swirled with a smooth chocolate ripple and kissed with peanut butter cups.
Root Beer Float
Creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with crisp root beer Italian ice for a bold new twist on an old favorite, available for a limited time only.
S’more to Love
Crushed graham cracker ice cream with melty layers of chocolate and marshmallow.
Strawberry - No Sugar Added (Country Parlor)

This $&@! Just Got Serious®
Award-winning, smooth salted caramel ice cream brimming with rich sea salt fudge and salted cashews.
Yippee Skippee®
Creamy peanut butter ice cream loaded with salted caramel ripples, soft brownie chunks and crispy chocolate-covered pretzels.