Chocolate Shoppe Premium
Hand-Dipped Ice Cream

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream has been crafted in Madison, Wisconsin, with real cane sugar, Wisconsin milk and the best ingredients they can find since 1962.

The following flavors are in our current rotation.
All flavors may not be available every day.

Birthday Cake
Forgo your fork and grab your spoon! Pop the lid to reveal rainbow bursts of fun confetti sprinkles packed into rich, yellow cake ice cream and topped off with festive swirls of blue buttercream frosting.
Black Cherry Oat Cream (dairy-free)
Delectably sweet black cherry non-dairy frozen dessert bursting with whole black cherries.
Butter Pecan
Buttery pecan ice cream with boat-loads of crispy, lightly roasted and salted pecans.
Cashews & Caramel (no sugar added)
Creamy, no-sugar-added vanilla ice cream rippled with gooey, sugar-free caramel and loaded with real cashews.
All-natural, classic chocolate ice cream made with real, rich cocoas.
Coconut Almond Bliss
Tropical coconut ice cream with tons of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flakes and crispy almond pieces.
Exhausted Parent®
Bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks.
Fat Elvis
Sweet banana ice cream all shook up with a salty peanut butter ripple and rich chocolate chips.
Heaps of Love
Anything and everything you can want! Oreos, brownies, cookie dough, pecans, caramel and chocolate ripples all packed into vanilla ice cream.
Lemon Meringue
Fresh lemon and fluffy marshmallow ice creams swirled together with a tart lemon ripple, available for a limited time only.
PB Hearts Chocolate®
Creamy peanut butter ice cream swirled with a smooth chocolate ripple and kissed with peanut butter cups.
Peanut Buddy Oat Cream (dairy-free)
Salty peanut butter vegan oat cream spun with chocolate flakes.
Rainbow Sherbet
Orange, Lime, and Raspberry flavored sherbets classically swirled together.
Raspberry Lemon Italian Ice (dairy-free)
Non-dairy, non-fat sweet raspberry and tart lemon Italian ices swirled together for an irresistibly refreshing treat.
Rocky Road
Swirls of rich, chocolate and fluffy marshmallow ice creams and topped off with chocolate-covered almonds.
Ultimate Oreo
Scrumptious Oreo crumb ice cream packed with boat-loads of whole Oreo cookies.
Yippee Skippee®
Creamy peanut butter ice cream loaded with salted caramel ripples, soft brownie chunks and crispy chocolate-covered pretzels.